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Why Summer Time Is the Best Time To Buy A Fireplace


It might sound counterintuitive, but when you read the facts, you’ll be surprised and will become a firm believer in buying your heating supplies during summer. It might be hard to imagine getting a fireplace right now, with most Australians cooling down in front of their air conditioners and in their pools! But let’s investigate why buying a fireplace in summer is the best thing you can do.

  • Saving

As winter approaches and more and more people become interested in purchasing a fireplace, builders, installers and plumbers are often booked out for some time, especially in the peak of winter when everyone needs heat the most. Get ahead of the winter wait times by adding a new fireplace insert or gas fireplace to your home in summer.

  • Wood Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace is a great part of enjoying winter weather. The ambience created by a wood fireplace is unmatched. During the summer, you’ll be able to stock up on firewood for much cheaper, use the Australian heat to dry them out so that they are ready for use come winter. You can also make a great feature of your fireplace come Christmas time. We may not get a white Christmas in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a traditional Christmas scene by having your tree nearby and hanging stockings.

  • Gas Fire

Burning firewood is not what all homeowners want. Many have discovered the wonders of an efficient, easy-to-use gas fireplace. You can choose to have realistic gas logs or more modern burners using other media.

  • Installation

Summer is a great time to have your fireplace installed, as builders and installers are usually quieter at this time of year, meaning you can have your fireplace installed sooner, ready to use at the first sign of cold weather.

Even though a fireplace is usually associated with winter, summer is a great time to purchase your new gas or wood-burning fireplace. Now that you see what benefits you will achieve in having your new fireplace installed during this time of the year, it seems well worth the effort.

If you have any questions about installing a fireplace, or if you’d like to organise a time to discuss fireplace options for your home, contact us today!

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