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Why You Need An Outdoor Fireplace

Melbourne may be getting set for a rather sweltering summer right now, but you must admit, any time you’ve walked into a home that has an outdoor fireplace – no matter what time of year – it’s caught your eye, right? That’s because a fireplace adds a particular sense of style, elegance and value to any home.

Installing an outdoor fireplace opens up your backyard to countless social opportunities like never before.

Here is a quick look at the value an outdoor fireplace will bring to your life, and your home:

  • Property Value

Speak to any real estate agent in Melbourne and they will tell you right off the bat that having a fireplace makes the home almost sell itself. They use “almost” because they have to take some credit for their selling skills! However, in all seriousness, an outdoor fireplace provides an alluring quality not many can resist, and it will add great value to your home, especially for resale purposes.

  • Great Entertainment

When you invite your mates over for a barbeque or drinks, having an outdoor fireplace will be an attraction that becomes a conversation starter itself. It will be a focal point that will keep everyone there, huddled together, enlivening the party. An outdoor fireplace can also make your veranda appear classier and more inviting. To create an atmospheric and elegant entertaining environment outside, you need an outdoor fireplace.

  • Intimate Moments

If your life is as busy as most Melbournians, with work and other obligations taking up much of the day, having moments of peace and real relaxation are too few and far between. Looking forward to time relaxing by yourself with a book and a refreshment, sitting on a comfy chair or sofa with the atmosphere of a cosy outdoor fireplace, are moments you can experience if you decide to install one in your backyard.

You can also choose between the traditional ambience provided by an open wood fireplace (perfect for roasting marshmallows!), or the ease and style of a gas firepit that can be started with the flick of a switch.

It’s clear that an outdoor fireplace will add so much to your home – and your life! If you want to find out what type of design would suit your outside area, speak to us today.

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