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Why You Should Get A Zero Clearance Fireplace

Depending on the type of fireplace you are choosing, you may have the choice of a zero clearance model. Zero clearance means that you are able to install the fireplace into a timber framework, rather than a masonry or brickwork construction.

Why install a zero-clearance fireplace?

  • Installation

Zero-clearance fireplaces can be installed in any home.

  • Convenient

Pre-fabricated means that installation generally requires less time and work than non-zero fireplaces.

  • Fits anywhere

In some instances, if you have a small room that backs onto an external wall, you can have part of the fireplace outside with a galvanised casing, so the fire does not encroach too far into the room.

  • Styles and designs aplenty

The designs to choose from are enormous. You can find just the right one to suit your style perfectly.

  • Adds character

Having a fireplace in your home adds an ambience like nothing else quite can.

If you’re looking for a great heating solution, a zero clearance fireplace might just be perfect for your home. For more information or if you want to enquire about other products, contact us anytime.

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