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4 Things To Know If You’ve Never Owned a Gas Fireplace Before

If you’ve made the exciting decision to update your old wood-burning stove with a gas fireplace, you probably can’t wait to start using it; however, gas fireplaces have different requirements and considerations to wood-burning fireplaces that you need to know about.

Here are four things you should know if you’ve never owned a gas fireplace before:

  1. Fireplace safety is your priority

A great place to start is to read through the operator’s manual to get to know your new system. The very first thing to know about a gas fireplace is its safe use. Always have plenty of ventilation in the room where your gas fireplace has been installed and make sure it is installed by professionals. Go for a double glazed gas fireplace if you have children or pets.

  1. Leave the cleaning to the experts

While you could clean your old wood burning fireplace, it is best to leave the cleaning of a gas fireplace to the professionals. Gas is a dangerous element and you do not want to run the risk of compromising the safety of your fireplace and your family.

  1. Schedule regular inspections

Gas fireplaces are designed for energy efficiency and safe use. As with any mechanical appliance, a fire needs to be checked regularly for wear and tear issues and serviced by a qualified professional. The best time for a check-up? At least once every two years.

  1. Ensure no flammable materials are near the unit

The extreme temperatures emitted from a gas fireplace can present a danger if flammable materials are left too close to it. It is recommended that there is a minimum of three feet between a fireplace and any furniture or materials such as curtains or rugs.

For more maintenance advice or how to get the best use out of your gas fireplace and keep your fireplace working all through winter, contact our helpful consultants at Jetmaster. We have a stunning range of designer gas fireplace models for every style of home.

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