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Enjoy Your Open Gas Fireplace More With These Great Design Ideas


In addition to the functional role of providing ambient warmth, an open gas fireplace offers an unmatched aesthetic appeal that enriches comfort and complements its design. Why customise your fireplace surrounding? Make it your own and you have created a completely exclusive look that is guaranteed to start a conversation. There are countless themes, materials and designs with which to get creative and deepen the pleasure your fireplace brings you. How do you choose the best open gas fireplace for your home?

Whether you want your fireplace to be a work of art, showcase a mini gallery or show off a stately mantel there are many ways to dress a fireplace and fashion a focal point in a room. To get you started here are a few fun and novel ways to maximise the comfort of an open gas fireplace:

Enhance the ambience with well-placed seating arrangements

This is a key consideration for the room – if you’re wanting your fireplace to be the focal point, your furniture arrangement needs to reflect this! Seating arrangements perform a key role in creating inviting spaces around the fireplace. Create casual comfort with bright cushions, embellished throws, soft sofas and vibrantly designed rugs. Or if you’re wanting a cosier feel, opt for soft, luxurious textures and neutral tones to compliment the warmth of the fire.

Customise a meaningful personalised fireplace surround

For homeowners who love to add a personal touch to the styling of their home, the fireplace surround can be tailored to tell your story. Cutting-edge techniques, modern materials, colours and textures can add interest and character to a fireplace. Spruce up a mantel and add flair with a design theme or heighten modern décor with clean lines and surfaces. There are no limits to what you can do; all you need is your imagination.

Let your investment in an open gas fireplace for your home repay you many times over. We hope these design style ideas whet your imagination to construct a unique personalised look in your home. For the best range of quality open gas fireplaces, there is no better supplier than Jetmaster, Australia’s top supplier of modern fireplaces. With our unbeatable designer fireplaces, you won’t want to look anywhere else.

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