What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels i.e. natural gas. Carbon monoxide spillage from gas appliances can cause chronic illness or even be lethal.

How do I know if my appliance is leaking Carbon Monoxide?

If you have a gas fireplace, in particular, an open fronted gas fireplace, you can purchase a Carbon Monoxide detector from your local hardware store. It will operate similar to a smoke detector except it detects any levels of Carbon Monoxide in the air.

Alternatively, a compulsory carbon monoxide test is carried out by our Service Technicians when we are servicing your fireplace. A General Service and Clean of your fireplace is recommended at least every 2 years to ensure it is operating safely and at its best!

What do I do if my fireplace is leaking Carbon Monoxide?

If you have a carbon monoxide detector and the alarm is sounding, immediately turn off the gas appliance and – where applicable – turn the gas off to the appliance via the gas cock/ball valve. Open any doors and windows to allow fresh air into the room.

Then call your fireplace manufacturer and request a Carbon Monoxide test and inspection.