What is a Flexi Hose?

A flexi hose or “Ezy-Hooker” is a flexible gas connection used by plumbers to connect varying appliances. They are generally made with a rubber hose that is covered by a metallic braid.

Although they are approved for certain use in Australia i.e. gas cooktops, they are not approved for use with a Heat & Glo or Jetmaster fireplace. Due to the inner lining being made of a rubber material, this can heat up and dry out over time and potentially lead to a gas leak.

Restriction on use of Flexible gas connections

The Australian Gas Safety Regulations require certain actions to be taken when a potentially dangerous installation or non-compliant appliance is found.

With specific regards to flexible gas connections also known as Flexi hoses or Ezy-hookers, these are not fit for purpose when installed with certain heating appliances.

The Australian Gas Code – AS/NZ 5601.1:2013 outlines the following restrictions when using a flexible gas connection:

Section 5.9.4

A hose assembly shall not pass –

  • Through a wall, portable partition, ceiling or floor;
  • Through the panel or casing of the appliance unless the appliance is specifically manufactured to avoid damage to the hose assembly.

Section 5.9.5

A hose assembly shall not be installed where it will be:

  • Exposed to a temperature exceeding the maximum temperature specified in the hose manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Subject to damage by vermin
  • Subject to strain, abrasion, kinking or permanent deformation;

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