The Jetmaster Heat & Glo Methodology

As the market leader in gas log fires throughout Victoria, we strive to provide a high level of after sales service. We believe that the following key points enable us to provide this level of service and ensure that your fireplace will look and perform better than ever!

Our Service Department do not use sub-contracting technicians: this allows us to maintain high servicing standards and ensure that our technicians are up to date with the latest products changes and industry standards.

Fair labour charges: Our pricing structure incorporates a flat rate for the labour charge; our labour charge is the same no matter how long we are on site!

Fully stocked with spare parts: As the importer of Jetmaster & Heat & Glo fireplaces, we have direct access to the supply of spare parts. As such, we ensure that our technicians are fully stocked before coming to site in order to complete the service and repairs in one visit.

What is a General Service?

A General Service is a routine servicing of the fireplace that should be carried out at least every 2 years. During this process, our technician will perform the following:List

  • Full clean of the fireplace including the fan and front glass
  • Topping up of the Glowing Embers (Mineral Wool)
  • Any maintenance and repairs that are required
  • Testing of the gas pressures
  • Compulsory Carbon Monoxide test – as advised by Energy Safe Victoria (Hyperlink to CO Page)
  • Replacements of spare parts where required
  • Full test of the appliance upon completion of the service.